Health eMatters IMPACT Series

Bringing EDI to Clinical Trials

April 25-26, 2024 — Toronto, Ontario

Driven and organized by Health eMatters, this IMPACT Conference will create a space for advocates, pharma, and healthcare providers to join forces to find real and implementable solutions to improve EDI in clinical research practices.

When you bring everyone to the table, at the same time, we have a real opportunity to drive change.

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2 days of identifying challenges and brainstorming solutions

A chance to engage in an inclusive environment, fostering collaborations and obtaining insights from all stakeholders to propel innovative solutions.

The conference will unfold as follows:

April 25

Learning and gaining perspectives from various stakeholders, identifying challenges and opportunities

April 26

Workshop solutions, brainstorm ideas, identify priorities and lay the groundwork for next steps

This Year’s Topics

Here are some of the great topics we will be covering during this year’s IMPACT Conference:

  • Understanding EDI, from the patient perspective
  • Reaching diverse populations & geographical considerations
  • “Getting to yes, and” brainstorming workshop
  • Health equity workshop
  • Increasing accrual rates tactics and breaking barriers
  • Working with community oncologists to build alliances and referral programs for clinical trials
    Formal and informal networking opportunities

    From attending collaborative workshops to building new friendships over the weekend – there are many ways to connect around new ideas. Relationships can be easily fostered over a 2-day period together.

    Inspiring learning sessions

    Five presentations, two panel discussions, plus four breakout sessions, and more. Grow connections and develop creativity. Master digital platforms and become the most effective storyteller.

    Free to attend

    Participants don’t have to worry about the cost of meals, transportation, or accommodations to attend the IMPACT Conference in Toronto. However, attendance will be by invite only.

    This 2-day event broadens the scope of the Health eMatters program by bringing patient advocates and key stakeholders from various backgrounds and demographics to the working table to help integrate EDI principles into clinical trial practice.

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