Health eMatters Conference

Elevating Online Voices

October 26 to October 28, 2023 — Toronto, Ontario

At this pioneering event brought to you by Myeloma Canada, we’ll focus on building a stronger network of myeloma and other cancer advocates and empower you to connect with even more people affected by cancer. Through hands-on workshops and inspiring keynote speaker presentations, this conference will be an opportunity to improve your digital skills, broaden your reach, and strengthen your online voice.

This in-person* event will be held in Toronto, this fall, to foster real life connections between online oncology advocates.

Health eMatters Conference here we come!

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3 days of ideas, skill building, and creative connections

An unforgettable gathering of minds determined to make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer in Canada.

The conference will unfold as follows:

October 26

Afternoon registration & welcome cocktail. Dinner reception with guest speakers.

October 27

Three sessions of talks, plus breakout sessions to choose from. In the evening, we’ll gather for dinner, great conversations and entertainment.

October 28

Two sessions of talks, and even more breakout sessions to choose from. Closing of the conference with inspiring keynote speakers.

This Year’s Topics

Here are some of the great topics we will be covering during this year’s Health eMatters conference:

  • Building a narrative and momentum for change
  • Building collaborations
  • Addressing cultural roadblocks in cancer advocacy
  • How to start a magazine: From idea to publishing
  • Combining your passions with advocacy
  • Building bridges: patient advocates meet pharma
    Formal and informal networking opportunities

    From attending collaborative workshops to building new friendships over the weekend – there are many ways to connect around new ideas. Relationships can be easily fostered over a 3-day period together.

    Inspiring learning sessions

    Five presentations, two panel discussions, plus four breakout sessions, and more. Grow connections and develop creativity. Master digital platforms and become the most effective storyteller.

    Free to attend

    Participants don’t have to worry about the cost of meals, transportation, or accommodations to attend the Health eMatters conference in Toronto. Enjoy your time in Canada’s biggest city!

    Featured Speakers

    Allen Chankowsky

    Allen Chankowsky

    Author, international speaker, sales promotion and marketing expert

    Allen Chankowsky is currently surviving a rare form of stage-4 Androgen Receptor positive cancer. As the author of his best-selling and multi-award-winning book, On the Other Side of TERMINAL, Allen hopes to share his incredible story of survival by inspiring readers with an enduring message of hope and resilience in the face of a life-shattering diagnosis. He has been invited to speak at major international cancer events – most recently as the keynote speaker at TargetCancer Foundation’s 2022 gala in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Harjeet Kaur

    Harjeet Kaur

    Social media influencer, blogger, patient advocate, and PFAC member for AHS

    Harjeet Kaur survived a rare and aggressive type of blood cancer at the age of 32. Stage IV Subcutaneous Panniculitis T-cell Lymphoma complicated with HLH has only 150 documented cases worldwide. Today she is NED, volunteering, spreading awareness, and advocating for cancer patients. Harjeet has volunteered with YACC – Edmonton, the Canadian Cancer Society, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada and fundraised for their Light the Night event.

    April Stearns

    April Stearns

    Founder and editor-in-chief of Wildfire Magazine and writing community

    April Stearns was diagnosed at 35 years old with Stage 3 breast cancer that she found while breastfeeding her daughter. Four years later, while struggling to “go back to normal” and find other women in similar circumstances, April launched Wildfire Magazine. Now she enjoys not only publishing the stories of those “too young for breast cancer,” she also finds pleasure in helping others heal through learning to write and share their stories.

    Daniel Stolfi

    Daniel Stolfi

    Actor, comedian, writer

    In March of 2008, Canadian Comedy Award Winner, Daniel Stolfi, was diagnosed with acute non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, an aggressive form of cancer requiring equally aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments over the next two years of his life. Through his ongoing battle with the disease, Daniel created his simultaneously heart warming and hysterical, Canadian Comedy Award winning one-person show, “Cancer Can’t Dance Like This”. Daniel has spoken for a number of organizations across Canada including, Lymphoma Canada, Young Adult Cancer Canada, Sunnybrook Hospital and the Canadian Cancer Society.

    This thought-provoking 3-day event will fill your mind with new ways to engage with your audience, new content strategies and techniques to transmit your message better, and a whole new outlook on the way we are discussing issues related to cancer in Canada.

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